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Sponsors that donate $25.00 or more will qualify for advance notification of the secret location.

Early notifications will be sent out at 5:30pm (60 minutes in advance of the dinner) for sponsors.

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*You are able to make donations in any amount.


Soirée en Blanc is wholly supported by volunteers and sponsors. We ask that you would please consider a donation.

Donations can be made over the internet or in person at the event's location.

Your donation will help fund typical event costs.

  • ~ Instrumentalists
  • ~ Outdoor Lavatories
  • ~ Invitations
  • ~ Internet Fees
  • ~ City Fees

The donations received here will be used only to cover the costs of this and future Soirée en Blanc events.

5:45pNotification by phone
Notification sent to all the guests.
5:46pDrive to the location
Hurry to the secret location.
6:20pSet up
Prepare your creative dinner arrangement.
6:30pEat dinner
Eat fantastic food.
Dance in white.
8:30pClean up
Take home all you came with.